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2017 - a Cocktail erősebb, mint valaha. A Seiko, látva a modell sikerét a 2017-es évre kiemelte ezt a típust, és a felső kategóriás Presage vonal részévé tette. A Presage kollekcióban arisztokratikus családba került a Cocktail Time, hiszen itt akár az Urushi lakkozással, vagy zománc bevonattal készülő számlap is. In today's video, we have some more Seiko excitement. At BaselWorld, in March, we saw some new Seiko Presage releases reminiscent of the classic Cocktail Ti.. 2017 - a koktélok újrakeverve. A 2017-es Baselworld-i kiállításon, ami az óraipar legnagyobb rendezvénye és az újdonságok kötelező bemutatásának helye, a Seiko Cocktail Time visszatért. Sőt. Nemhogy vissza, de még feljebb is lépett a Presage vonalba, amely a Seiko felső kategóriás óráit vonultatja fel The Seiko Presage Cocktail Time Collection. One surprise from Seiko at Baselworld 2017 was a new collection of Presage watches based on the famous Cocktail Time pieces. These are dress watches and are extremely popular amongst forum-meisters as timepieces that perform well above their price level

The new Cocktail Time models just released this year are part of the Presage collection, which was launched by Seiko in 2016. There are a total of eight Cocktail Time models, using two movements: a time and date model, using Seiko caliber 4R35, and models using caliber 4R57, which has a central power reserve display The silver dial model inspired by a cocktail, the Martini. The green-colored seconds hand, the calendar hand and the power reserve hand represent the olives in Martinis. SSA341J Oct 5, 2017 To the vast majority of Americans, a Seiko wouldn't raise much of an eyebrow. the Cocktail Time. Created in 2010, the original Cocktail Time was the result of a collaboration with Ishigaki Shinobu, a prolific Japanese bartender and mixologist. As its name implies, the Cocktail Time was designed to invoke ritzy libations and.

For Seiko fans, the Seiko SARB065 Cocktail Time watch, released a few years ago and sold only in Japan, is something of a legend. If you were looking for a dressy watch that wouldn't leave a big hole in your wallet, it would certainly be easy to recommend. Recognizing the popularity of this watch, Seiko has decided to come up with no fewer than eight new Seiko Presage SSA & SRPB. 過去のコンテンツ「この世界は、光と影だ。」でも紹介した「カクテルタイム」。10年ほど前に発売されたその商品は、広告などの力をほぼ借りることなく、今でも着実に売れ続けている。それは一体どんな発想で生まれ、どんな発展を遂げ、いかなる理由で人々を惹きつけるのか

Seiko Presage Cocktail Time 2017. Nel 2017 Seiko ha ripreso la linea Cocktail Time e l'ha proposta al mercato internazionale inserendola all'interno della collezione Presage. La serie SRPB riparte da dove eravamo rimasti nel 2010, mentre la serie SSA offre nuovi modelli che includono un indicatore centrale di riserva di ricarica

Name Seiko Presage Cocktail Time (part of the larger Presage line) Price Range: $300-$500 (depending on version and color combination) Style: Dress watch Type: Automatic Watch Size: 40.5mm Lug width (size of strap where it meets the watch): 20 mm Website: Seiko Presage Lineup Best Place to Buy: Amazon or a department/watch/jewelry store. Seiko usually sells through authorized sellers and their.

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The 4R57 Cocktail Time was launched in Singapore in June 2017. There is an additional model other than the four that were officially announced and shown on Seiko's global website (see picture below). The additional model is the SSA347J1 shown below. It is a bracelet version with dark blue dia A Seiko Presage Cocktail Time sorozata megjelenésével, kidolgozottságával és ár-érték arányával megjelenése óta őrzi a dobogós helyét a Seiko legkedveltebb sorozatai között. A 2019-ben érkező új modellek tovább öregbítik ezt a hírnevét, most ismét különleges összeállítások jelennek meg, melyeket a tokiói éjszakai bárok világa ihletett

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Above: Seiko SRPB41J1 Blue Moon. For a start, the new Presage Cocktail Time is cheaper than the SARB065.It retails around $350 to $500 online (the MSRP is more expensive) depending on the model.. This is cheaper than the SARB065 which usually retails around $500 online.. The reason for this is because of the use of cheaper 4R35 movement rather than the more expensive 6R15 movement La collection compte huit modèles, tous inspirés d'un cocktail différent et chacun décliné dans sa propre palette de couleurs. Tous seront disponibles à partir de juillet 2017. Ils sont proposés avec deux calibres différents : le calibre 4R35 offre la finesse et la simplicité d'un mouvement à trois aiguilles, tandis que le 4R57. A jellegzetes megjelenésük mindkét helyzetben éppúgy megállja a helyét, és ez kevés modellnek sikerül igazán - a Cocktail Time ilyen. Ezért is tették 2017-ben a Seiko a Presage kollekció részévé, amellyel ezek a modellek olyan család tagjai lettek, ahol a minőség elsődleges szempont, és nem ritkák a prémium megoldások. Seiko continues to expand its popular Cocktail Time line of watches, now introducing a couple of new and attractive limited-edition dial executions apparently based on Japanese cocktails called Sakura Hubuki and Starlight. The original SARB065 Cocktail Time watch was officially sold only in Japan but developed an international following, and Seiko brought it back earlier this year with.

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  1. - 26/05/2017. 0. 1753. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. Đối với người hâm mộ seiko thì chiếc seiko SARB065 cocktail time, được phát hành vài năm trước ở thị trường nội đia nhật bản là một huyền thoại. Nếu bạn đang tìm kiếm.
  2. In 2010, Seiko released the SARB065 Cocktail Time, and in my opinion, nailed it. The SARB065 Cocktail Time is, or was, a Japanese market only watch. If you lived outside of Japan and wanted a SARB065, like the SARB017 Alpinist, you had to acquire yours on the grey market. In my hands, I have the SARB065, aka the Cocktail Time Cool
  3. t pl. a Blue Moon, a Margarita, a Martini vagy a Sky Diving inspirációjára készítette el nyolc új óráját
  4. Vše začalo v roce 2010, kdy Seiko uvedlo na japonský trh tři modely inspirované kouzlem koktejlových barů a barmanského umění. Byly jimi Seiko Sarb065 Cocktail Time Cool, Seiko Sarb066 Cocktail Time Dry a 300kusová limitovaná edice Seiko Sarb068 Cocktail Time Sweet

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  1. W mojej ocenie udane nawiązanie do pierwszych cocktail time. Uzyskany świetny efekt, bardzo duży wybór, dobre parametry zapewniane przez mechanizm, szczelność do 5 atm - czyli to, czego oczekujemy od Seiko Presage - możliwie wysoka jakość przy rozsądnej cenie
  2. The interiors of the new Presage Cocktail Times, however, are something of a point of contention. Both the SRPBs and SSAs are powered by versions of Seiko's mid-range 4R movement (4R35 for the SRPB, 4R57 for the SSA), as opposed to the 6R15 movement in the SARB065 Cocktail Time
  3. It's Cocktail Time! Seiko's Original SARB065 vs the New Presage Cocktail Time. August 7, 2017 August 18, 2017 Posted in Watches. The original Cocktail Time is a cool timepiece with a neat history, having been designed in collaboration with a genuine cocktail mixologist (who knew cocktail mixologists made such great watch designers)..

Seiko Prospex Save The Ocean 2020 - a Nagy Fehér Cápa visszatér. Feb. Seiko Presage Cocktail Time újdonságok - Honeycomb, Blue Moon és a Stinger. Feb. Seiko Presage Prestige Line 2020 limited edition - újra az olimpia évében. Feb. Grand Seiko Designer Day - egy este Japánban. Feb. Grand Seiko 60th - új korszak kezdődik. Ja That said, my Seiko snobbery insists I call the SRPB43 an homage of the original SARB065 Cocktail Time and I refuse to call any of these new models Cocktail Time. Sevenmack likes this. April 19th, 2017 #9 Re: 2017 Seiko Cocktail Time SRPB41 / SRPB43 / SRPB44 / SRPB46 Originally Posted by [email protected] I think this is a great watch that they ruined with the Power Reserve indicator, it's a pretty useless complication on an Automatic and makes the dial look unbalanced

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Most importantly, the new Seiko Presage 2017 three hand models are 2mm than the original Cocktail Time models. (11.8mm vs 13.8mm) - the slimmer profile with larger knurled crown also makes winding and hand setting more convenient than the stub of the original models - sure, the original petite crown might have worked visually but functionality was a real issue - they were hard to. I got this 2017 cocktail time two months ago for $300 and I'm really loving it. It's my first automatic watch (23yo) and it was given to me by my parents as I started med school. Wish I could have gotten the cream dial in the rose gold case but it was out of stock everywhere TZ-UK Forums. closing tag is in template navbar Hel Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 2017 Sekio Japan (Domestic Version) Presage SARYO75 Cocktail Time at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products The Seiko Presage Cocktail Time was originally launched in 2010. Its name reflects the fact that the watches are based on a partnership with mixologist Shinobu Ishigaki, who runs the Ishinohana Bar in Tokyo. A new series of watches was launched in 2017, with two basic designs, a three-hand watch with date window, close t

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  1. In 2017, Seiko has decided to reintroduce this series to the global market with the launch of the latest Cocktail Time under the Presage banner. Strictly speaking there are two subsets of the new Presage Cocktail Time, each with 4 different options
  2. Akhirnya, kali ini Seiko pada Baselworld 2017 menarik perhatian khalayak ramai dengan mengeluarkan line-up Presage terbarunya. Dan ternyata, Seiko Presage yang diluncurkan ini mengacu pada desain Cocktail Time, termasuk sunray dial-nya yang khas dengan sentuhan baru
  3. LIST: Why these 3 Seiko Cocktail Times are perfect for a woman's wrist - and what to wear them with It's little wonder that when Seiko released its Presage Cocktail Time watch to the international market last year (until then it was available only to the Japanese domestic market) it was an immediate hit

But the Cocktail Time stands apart from the Seiko pack. Back in 2017, the Japanese watchmakers let it loose on the world stage. The more recent Cocktail Times are somewhat more subdued, but still retain that bespoke mixology spirit. Prestige at a Nice Price . Who says an upscale dress watch needs to cost a fortune Seiko Presage Cocktail Time incluye ocho relojes automaticos nuevos, de dos modelos diferentes: la serie SRPB y la SSA (con indicador de reserva de carga). Todos ellos cuentan con una caja con 40,5 mm de diámetro, un bisel simple y pulido y el característico texturizado de la esfera, la cual es tratada con siete capas de acabado brillante

In 2017, Seiko created a new series of watches in the Presage collection, inspired by the world of the cocktail bar. While usually quite conservative, here Seiko played on textures and colours to bring fresh and original watches, still with mechanical movements but with affordable prices. Elegant, refined and quite unique, the collection was enlarged [ Re: Seiko Presage Cocktail Time SRPB77, носен 3 дни Мнение от SNikolov » 16 03 2018, 19:22 Пак го пускам в продажба, но вече носен Seiko Presage SSA & SRPB 'Cocktail Time' Watches For 2017. By. peter - May 21, 2017. 0. 3104. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. For Seiko fans, the Seiko SARB065 Cocktail Time watch, released a few years ago and sold only in Japan, is something of a legend. If you were looking for a dressy watch that wouldn't leave a big hole in. SEIKO Presage Cocktail Time SRPB43J1 óra második nézet. Férfidivat Luxusórák Gyakorlatok Ékszer. The Seiko Presage Automatic White Baby GS Snowflake Ref. SARX055 is the latest from the house of Seiko. Debut at Baselworld 2017 and one of the most anticipated Presage model from Seiko. It is a great balance between quality and price Cocktail Time แฟนๆ ของ Seiko ที่ชอบเดรสหรูๆ แต่ราคาไม่แรง ชื่อของ Cocktail Time ในรหัส SARB065 คอลเล็กชั่นใหม่ Seiko Presage คืนชีพ Cocktail Time. 26/05/2017. 0

Obwohl Seiko die Cocktail Time 2010 dem japanischen Markt vorbehalten hatte, fand die elegante Dreizeiger-Uhr mit den pfeilförmigen Indexen und Zeigern Anhänger auf der ganzen Welt. Für sie erscheint nun die Neuauflage des Modells in der Presage-Kollektion.Die Automatikuhren erscheinen in zwei Ausführungen - mit oder ohne Gangreserve-Anzeige - und jeweils vier Varianten Seiko SARB065 Cocktail Time Automatic Rare Japan Made Watch Hirsch Leather 6R15. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail Special Delivery (TM) 1:00 pm. Stunning discontinued Japan Made collectors piece with guilloche dial and Seiko 6R15 movement The Cocktail Time models were first introduced in the Japan domestic market and came with the 6R15 movement. They were offered under the Mechanical line with the most popular model being the SARB065. The 6R Cocktail Time models were however discontinued and new 4R based models were announced during Basel World 2017 Seiko Presage Cocktail Time Starlight: Come innamorarsi di un PMW Si tratta della referenza SSA361J1, presentata a Basilea 2017, una edizione limitata di 3.500 esemplari che si ispira al cocktail Starlight inventato da Hisashi Kishi di un famoso bar di Tokyo Seiko Presage Cocktail Time Blue Moon Automatic Open Heart Leather Strap Men's Watch SSA405J1 RRP £410. History: In 2017, a new Presage series, inspired by the enticing and exclusive world of the cocktail bar, was created. It was a stunning success worldwide among watch and cocktail lovers alike. In fact, the collection was inspired by.

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Jednou z novinek, které představilo Seiko na letošním Baselworldu, bylo i rozšíření řady Presage o Seiko Cocktail Time, známé pro většinu milovníků hodinek spíše ze zahraničních trhů, kde jsou zastoupeny modely z řady Seiko SARB.Uvolnění těchto ikonických hodinek pro světový trh bylo pro mnoho lidí pouhým toužebným přáním, které se však s letošním podzimem. For Seiko fans, the Seiko SARB065 Cocktail Time watch, released a few years ago and sold only in Japan, is something of a legend. If you were looking for a dressy watch that wouldn't leave a big hole in your wallet, it would certainly be easy to recommend. Recognizing the popularity of this watch, Seiko.. En 2017, Seiko présentait, dans sa gamme nouvellement dénommée Presage, une collection « Cocktail ». Inspirée, comme son nom le laisse supposer, de cocktails proposés par Hisashi Kishi, le barman en chef du Star Bar, dans le quartier Ginza, à Tokyo. Les modèles de la collection proposaient différents cadrans et différentes couleurs de boîtier en se référant aux cocktails ad-hoc. A Seiko, látva a modell sikerét a 2017-es évre kiemelte ezt a típust, és a felső kategóriás Presage vonal részévé tette. A Presage kollekcióban arisztokratikus családba került a Cocktail Time, hiszen itt akár az Urushi lakkozással, vagy zománc bevonattal készülő számlap is előfordulhat a családtagok között

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Posts about Seiko Cocktail Time written by scarface3133. This post is a bit of watch-buying advice that I am giving. The subject this time is buying Seiko watches focusing on three of Seikos most collectible models, in the mid-price range, above Seiko Fivers but way cheaper than hi-end Seikos The Seiko Presage Cocktail Time Martini SARB065 While I have a profound appreciation for the Seiko SKX (I'm wearing a Pepsi 007 while writing this), there's a recent addition to the Seiko stable that I've had my eye on for the past few months: the Seiko Cocktail Time Seiko « Cocktail »: Grand Cru 2017. SSA341J1 : Reserve de marche discrète et déclinaisons de cadrans. Si la Seiko Cocktail de 2010 est une trois-aiguilles date au cadran bleu rayonnant, 2017 a vu arriver de nouvelles déclinaisons de cadrans et surtout une réserve de marche The Cocktail Time watches largely stand out for their dials (and price), and Seiko Watches $300 is known for well-done dial details particularly in its higher-end models. Just as those introduced earlier this year, the new versions are a classic time-and-date-only model; and a model with a large power reserve indicator on the dial and the date. 27.06.2017 28.06.2017 Sam Salonen 1 Comment 4R35, 4R57, 6R15, SRPB44, SRPB46. SARB065, eli Cocktail Time, on elävä legenda kauniin taulunsa, osoittimien ja puhtaiden linjojensa kanssa. Cocktail Time saa tänä vuonna jatkoa, Read more. Seiko Premier, Novak Djokovic Limited Edition; Baselworld 2018 - Fabien Cousteau, Seiko Prospexin.

Seiko Presage Cocktail Time Automatic Men's Wristwatch Brand: Seiko Model No.: SRPB43J1 Serial No.: 4R35-01T0 Movement: Seiko Automatic 23 Jewels Country of Manufacture: Made in Japan Year of Manufacture: 2017 Gender: Men's Case Material: Stainless Steel Case Diameter: 40,5mm Case Thickness: 11.5mm Crown Type: Marked Crown Display Type: Date window at 3 O'clock Silver Hands And Markers. Seiko Cocktail Time Kaufen - Ratgeber für 2018! Schauen sie sich die Bestseller und Vergleiche an und finden sie sofort den Bestpreis. Wir heißen Sie Herzlich Willkommen, beim Seiko Cocktail Time Vergleich oder Review der Top Bestseller in 2018

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In 2017, the watch loved by many finally resurfaced, and this time SEIKO decided to work with different bartenders to explore more possibilities. The world of cocktails features an endless combination, with rich and varied flavours, colours, as well as a selection of cocktail glasses Seiko Presage Listing: 364 € Seiko Presage Cocktail Time, Reference number SSA343J1; Steel; Automatic; Condition Very good; Year 2017; Watch with origin

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Seiko Presage órák a Chrono24-en - a luxusórák nemzetközi piacterén. Hasonlítsa össze az órákat, és vásároljon a legjobb áron SEIKO COCKTAIL TIME เครื่อง 4R57 เปิดตัวที่สิงคโปร์ในเดือนมิถุนายน 2017 ปีที่แล้วนี่เอง มีด้วยกัน4รุ่นที่ Seiko เปิดตัวในเว็บอย..

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4 product ratings - 2017 New Seiko Presage Cocktail Time SARY081 skydiving Automatic SSA343 MIJ. $467.73. From Japan. Was: Previous Price $492.35. In fact, I think the Cocktail Time fully deserves to be given cult status. In the years that it was on sale, it became one of Seiko's most recognizable watches. Heck, when the brand pulled the plug on the SARB065 in 2017, they reintroduced the Cocktail Time in the Presage line not long after - such was the popularity of the original design Seiko Presage SSA & SRPB 'Cocktail Time' Watches For 2017 The new Seiko Presage SSA & SRPB Cocktail Time watches with images, price, background, specs, & our expert analysis. Cheap Watches For Men Affordable Watches Watch One Hand Watch Seiko Mechanical Watch Seiko Presage Seiko Watches Stainless Steel Bracelet Rose Gold Plate I need these. I watched Seiko's announcement on youtube and was drooling over these. I love the Presage series and own three models (and seriously debating between the SARX033 and the enamel dial with power reserve). I love that they fixed the mini-crown on the original Cocktail Time. I eagerly await the drop with these listed on it SARB065, eli Cocktail Time, on elävä legenda kauniin taulunsa, osoittimien ja puhtaiden linjojensa kanssa. Cocktail Time saa tänä vuonna jatkoa, kun uusi sarja tuodaan markkinoille Seiko Presage tuotelinjan alle. Uudet mallit noudattavat samaa puhdaslinjaista kuori-, taulu- ja osoitinmuotoilua kuin aikaisempi Cocktail Time SARB065. Suurin ero aikaisempaan on koneiston vaihtuminen.

Seiko Cocktail Time Review - The SARB065 - The Watch BlogIntroducing Seiko Presage "Cocktail" SSA361, 363 andSeiko Presage Cocktail Time Refs

At Baselworld 2017, Seiko introduced a new line in the Presage collection, the Cocktail watches - colourful, elegant timepieces inspired by the glamorous world of the cocktail bar. Comprising no less than 8 models, this series of Presage watches have been praised for its audacious look and for the perfect combination of mechanical pleasure with highly decent prices. Today, Seiko enriches the. One Of The Most Beautiful Automatic Watch Under $500 - A Seiko SARB065 Cocktail Time Review. Seiko has always make great watches at affordable prices.And this post will dedicated for the Seiko SARB065 review, or popularly known as the Seiko Cocktail Time . B. eautiful with sunburst guilloche dial, and a price tag that won't break your bank, there is no reason not to love this little. Se trata del Seiko Cocktail; veámoslo de cerca: Este reloj inaugura una nueva gama dentro de la marca, los Cocktail; los cuales han tenido un éxito tremendo durante 2016 y han llevado a la ampliación de la gama a finales de 2017 dentro de la colección Presage Seiko Cocktail Time. Od People, 21. září 2017 v Seiko. seiko; cocktail; oblekovky; Odpovědět na toto téma; Založit nové téma; Doporučené příspěvky. People Upraveno 21. září 2017 uživatelem People. Citovat; Sdílet tento příspěvek. Odkaz na příspěvek Sdílet na ostatní stránky. Peopl สำหรับชื่อของ Cocktail Time นั้นถือเป็นฉายาที่ถูกตั้งขึ้นมาหลังจากที่ Seiko เปิดตัวนาฬิกา Dress กลไก 6R15 ออกมา โดยที่มาของมันจากข้อมูลของ. Re: Seiko Presage Automatic SRPB41J1 new Cocktail Time Мнение от KDelchev » 24 08 2017, 20:34 Puzo, благодаря за споделеното Отдавна го заглеждам, тоя цифер омагьосв

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